Helping Keep Nebraska Land, Nebraskan Owned.

Nebraskans Making a Difference

We are a powerful network of some of Nebraska's top farmers, ranchers, and business leaders who have strategically forged a cooperative to set out on a big and crucial mission - working together to purchase land across our great state to help protect, defend, and preserve Nebraska’s land for our hardworking farmers and ranchers of today and tomorrow.

Members of the Nebraska Farmers Network have identified an urgent and rising threat to our land coming from investors from other states and nations.  In fact, in just the last 10 years alone, Nebraska has witnessed a substantial eight-fold surge, equivalent to an 800% increase, in the amount of Nebraska land under foreign control.  Specifically, the tally of foreign-owned acres in our state has drastically grown from 87,108 acres in 2012 to a much larger number of 791,176 acres in 2021, and this dangerous trend is expected to continue.


NFN is actively exploring off-market farmland or ranchland opportunities to help our esteemed member network expand their farming operations.  Kindly reach out to us with any land opportunities within your Nebraska community.


Our Strategy

We intend to make investments in Nebraska farmland and ranchland that will be leased to nearby and trusted producers, within our exclusive member network.


At Nebraska Farmers Network, we are familiar with many of the obstacles that today’s producers may face.  Whether it’s an ambitious young farmer attempting to purchase their first farm or an established farmer who simply wants to add to "the back forty" for improved efficiency.  We will be pleased to provide valuable solutions to a highly regarded NFN member in the ag community in a variety of ways. 


NFN News

The latest news and updates.

Joe Aschoff with Ag Land Realty, LLC

Meet one of our Founding Members, Joe Aschoff!   Joe grew up on a farm just west of Osmond, Nebraska. He lives in Osmond, where his wife, Angie,  teaches sixth grade and where their children go to school.  Along with selling John Deere equipment for 15...

NFN Signs a Purchase Agreement, Saving It’s First Farm!

        We have entered into a purchase agreement for approximately 240 acres of land located in Jefferson County, Nebraska.  More information coming soon as soon as we close in October!

NFN Went to the Capitol to Meet with the Ag Policy Advisor to the Governor

Nebraska Farmer's Network had the privilege of meeting Governor Pillen's Agriculture Advisor, Cicely Wardyn.  We were invited to the State Capitol to address how foreign & out-of-state interest is affecting small-town Nebraska across the state and what action NFN is currently taking, to help join...