Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, and Beyond Meat, I’m not interested! Disclosing The Hidden Purpose of Fake Meats!

bill gates evil

Do you believe that lab-produced and plant-based protein is just another meat substitute? Reconsider your position. These businesses and their Silicon Valley backers have made the audacious assertion that they intend to destroy the animal agriculture sector and replace it with fake versions of meat, dairy products, and eggs.

“I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef,” says Bill Gates, a significant investor in farms, Beyond Meat, and even artificial breast milk. The promise is that they will gradually improve the flavor so you can get used to the variation in taste.

Kim Kardashian proclaimed in a recent advertisement for Beyond Meat, “This plant-based meat is not only extremely tasty, but it is also better for you and the environment. A small adjustment has a significant impact.  The World Economic Forum (WEF), which most recently gathered in May 2022, is also focused on climate change and animal agriculture. Here are some opinions on beef: No one will need to quit eating beef or even go vegetarian or vegan in order to stop climate change. Even in a world with 10 billion people, the need for additional agricultural expansion (and related deforestation) would be all but eliminated if ruminant meat consumption in high-consumption countries fell to about 50 calories per day or 1.5 burgers per person per week — roughly half of current U.S. levels and 25% below current European levels, but still well above the national average for most countries.

Cricket protein, according to WEF, will be a future food. This is what they claim: “Finding an insect in your food can be a horrifying experience that instantly kills your mood and appetite. However, according to Meticulous Research, which did the math on why we might soon be willingly eating insects, that may be about to change. The market research firm estimates that by 2023, the worldwide market for edible insects might reach $1.18 billion. That is almost three times where it is now.  Additionally, new businesses are constantly producing imitation “sustainable” goods to take the place of natural goods like beef, dairy, and eggs. Although politicians, investors, and the media have made it clear they want to make these products the ONLY option for consumers.  What makes them do that? taxation on sin. more restrictions. restrictive rules. Globalists set “net neutrality” objectives based on “climate change”. In the end, it’s an assault on humanity as well as our right to private property and food.
What do you think of elitists like Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian who want to force these things down our throats, fake meats, knockoff goods, lab-created filth, etc.? You already know how I feel, but I still want to know what you think.

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