Member Benefits

For NFN Members who want to EXPAND their operations:

When you hear about land you are interested in farming, we can work as the buyer and set up a multi-year lease with you.

If your current landlord is selling the land, you are farming, we can purchase the farm and work with you to renew the lease.


For NFN Farmers who want to SELL their land:

NFN is a creative, all-cash buyer.

We offer long-term sale leaseback transactions which allow NFN members to free up capital to improve their farming operations.

Member Benefits:

  • An effective strategy to expand the amount of land you own and mitigate risk by diversifying across different regions within Nebraska.
  • as a member you will also have the first right of refusal to farm any ground we purchase, with favorable lease terms!
  • Nebraska Farmers Network is a limited liability company and our members are added to our Operating Agreement as Direct Owners of the company.
  • We are a Nebraska land company that is motivated by our mission that is owned and driven by our members.
  • NFN members will own a piece of every acre of farmland and ranchland we purchase.
  • NFN member representation in all 93 counties in Nebraska, being NFN’s eyes and ears on what’s happening in the local markets.