NFN Acquires Jefferson County Farm

Nebraska Farmers Network
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Gabe Sanchez
October 19, 2023

NFN Milestone Reached

“People who say it can’t be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.”


Members of NFN,

It is with great pleasure to inform you that on October 5th, we closed on our first farm, which consists of 240 acres in Jefferson County. All Founding Members of NFN, now have ownership in this land. We purchased this farm for $1,248,000 and immediately parceled off a 5-bedroom house along with 28 acres. The acreage is listed for $399,000. This dryland farm will only cost us about $4,000/acre in the end.

Fellow NFN members in Jefferson County, as well as a NFN Board Member representing that region, Justin Bennett, will be gathering together at the NFN_Farm#1 immediately after harvest to develop a plan, negotiate a lease agreement, and ensure a winning situation for our local NFN farmer and your company.

I cannot express enough my profound gratitude at this moment for the unwavering dedication and commitment demonstrated by each and every one of you. Seven months ago, we embarked on the ambitious endeavor of launching Nebraska Farmers Network, and I must say, it has been quite a challenging journey.

However, having the opportunity to sit down and meet a lot of you provided the grit to keep driving forward on our mission. To protect, defend, and preserve Nebraska’s land for the local Nebraska producers of today and tomorrow.

One thing I’ve learned so far in helping build NFN is that when you have a mission, like ours, that’s so big…embrace it and face it head-on because the sheer magnitude alone of our mission has the power to dwarf the pain and challenges that come with building such an extraordinary company.

Every Founding Member of NFN, the Board of Directors, NFN representatives, our legal team, and our invaluable business partners, you all deserve a nice little pat on the back. This farmland, located at 56220 710th Rd. in Fairbury, is now owned by each Founding Member of NFN.

What’s really exciting is the fact that we haven’t even started yet. NFN’s first farm in Jefferson County is just one push on the primer. We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

I will say this and I know I can speak for the few employees at Nebraska Farmers Network. With each new like-minded NFN family that joins us in our fight and purpose, helps us remember we are not alone in this battle of taking on the rising threat of foreign/out-of-state ownership in our state and helping our young local farming and ranching families expand their existing operations on land that they will ultimately own. Together, and only together, through persistence, we will have the power to carry out this noble mission.



NFN Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska Farmer’s Network was invited to our State Capitol and had the honor of meeting Cicely Wardyn, Governor Pillen’s Policy Advisor. To highlight how out-of-state and foreign influence is damaging small-town Nebraska and what efforts NFN is now taking to help the State of Nebraska tackle this critical issue, driven solely by our own determination and dedication.

Some local leading NFN members were present, showing their support and explaining to Cicely the importance of joining NFN for themselves and their families. Each person shared a special personal story.

Hollman AngusCenter: NFN Founding Members Dick and Sondra Hollman

Dick Hollman (Hollman Angus) passionately spoke about how Nebraska’s ag communities are experiencing a significant loss of our young men and women in Nebraska’s farming areas. Several factors contribute to this trend. The most common thing we hear is the challenges associated with inheriting family farms/ranches today or trying to bootstrap a farm on their own.

The traditional ranching way of life is gradually fading away. This trend poses a threat to the future of the agriculture industry in Nebraska. Dick has shown the ropes to a number of young adults wanting to get into the cattle business. Mr. Hollman is also a mentor for our “Young Farmers Mentorship Program”.…But he doesn’t take any geek off the street. You gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I mean. Earn your keep. Regulators, mount up! (sorry, it felt like a perfect time for Young Guns there)

NFN Founding Members, Matt and Camilla Slauson Family

Matt Slauson (Husker Football 2005–2008) (10-year NFL veteran) told a heartfelt story on the reasons behind his and his wife’s decision to call Nebraska home and to raise their family, despite having the freedom to pick anywhere in the world. One day Matt will share this story at one of our future annual member meetings, he just doesn’t know it yet!

We went over how NFN is the only Nebraska company and private ag land membership that is solely dedicated to defending, protecting & preserving Nebraska land. How each member will personally increase the amount of land they own in Nebraska, reduce their risk by dispersing it throughout the state, and be able to ensure their family’s heritage.

Lastly, we discussed how Nebraska Farmers Network’s objective aligns with one of Governor Pillen’s key priorities, the protection and stewardship of our state’s natural resources.

Left to right: Co-Founder Gabe Sanchez, Co-Founder Todd Boeve, Cicely Warden, Matt Slauson, Dick Hollman, Co-Founder Garrett Svoboda. Missing in picture: Dean Thernes



Meet The Osentowski Family “Rockin Oz Ranch”



“People shouldn’t be afraid to pursue their passions and dreams, the worst day on the ranch is still better than an office job. Missy and I are working to build up the ranch for our kids to live this lifestyle one day, if they choose. Thanks to Missy we live the way we do. Without her, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. We are a good team.” Nate Osentowski

For 15 years, Rockin Oz Ranch and Performance Horses have been home to Nate and Missy Osentowski, their son, Hunter, and their two young daughters.

“I am so thankful for having the honor to personally bring on Nate and Missy as Founding Members of NFN. My first meeting with them turned out very different than expected, What I figured would be a quick one-hour meeting and discussing about NFN quickly turned into a 15-minute chat about NFN and then 2 hours and 45 mins chatting and laughing about horses and ranching. I cannot speak highly enough about these two, not only are they two very successful, smart, and kind people but they are willing to stand up for what they believe in.” -Cassidy Spiehs NFN Rep

The Osentowski’s own Riata Buckle stallion, Oz Ona Hot Streak. The operation breeds performance horses, hays, backgrounds and runs commercial cattle, raising some of the best Red Angus/Charolais cross-feeder cattle in the business.

More on the Rockin Oz Ranch                             More on Oz Ona Hot Streak




Cassidy Spiehs NFN

Cassidy, tell us a little about yourself…
I grew up on a farm between Grand Island and Cairo. Growing up, I have always had a passion for horses but did not come from a rodeo/horse family. I had worked for several horse trainers in my area to gain any knowledge of horsemanship I could. I went to MPCC in McCook for college and participated in the MPCC rodeo team. I studied business management.

I worked for my dad’s retirement planning firm for a short time out of college before deciding that 9-5 in an office wasn’t quite my thing. After that, I ran my own horse training business, starting colts, patterning, seasoning barrel horses, and coaching young girls until I met Gabe and knew NFN was something I needed to be a part of. Now, I am a field representative for NFN and love every bit of what I do. I am still pursuing my barrel racing dream in my free time.

When you’re not at work, what are your passions?
My biggest passion outside of work is barrel racing and rodeo. I wasn’t born into the rodeo world, but it is something God put in my heart to do. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people and horses I have been blessed to meet within the rodeo community.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
My favorite thing about this job is meeting some of the most amazing people Nebraska has to offer. I also love having a front-row seat to watch the Nebraska Ag community come together to fight an issue that would have one day ruined the legacy that Nebraska has been built on.

Who in your life has inspired you most?
My dad is my biggest role model in every aspect of life. His mindset toward life is like no one I have ever met. He has always wanted me to strive for greatness and never settle for being average, and he lives up to his expectations for me. He is in his mid-50s and still manages to run his own business, go to the gym daily, coach most of my brother’s traveling sports teams, manage and play in his rock band, and always spends quality time with his family.



  • Over 80,000 membership units sold
  • 140 NFN Members as of today
  • Over 350 unseen invitations outstanding
  • 1 acquisition completed
  • Operating expenses less than 4%
  • 33 counties worked
  • Reaching the half-way mark in our Founding Member Offering

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