Our strategic mission includes the acquisition of prime land in Nebraska, including irrigated land, dryland, pastureland, and recreational land. Most of our deals will be sourced directly from the respected farmer and rancher member network of NFN. We will have exclusive access to premium farmland that is off-market, giving us a competitive advantage over out-of-state investors.

Farmers and ranchers who are NFN members will also have the ability to farm any land we purchase with favorable lease terms. This right and privilege will be extended to our esteemed NFN members first. In addition, we’ll investigate opportunities to enhance the value of NFN’s holdings, which may include irrigation, drainage, grain bins, tree removal, and improving the soil.

Future Growth & Expansion Plans

  • Land Brokerage / Auctioneer
  • Young Farmer Mentorship Program
  • Owner Operator
  • Leasing farm equipment / machinery
  • Land Management Company
  • Hunting Leases exclusively for NFN members